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Who is D&S Services?

D&S Services is a reputation management company that was founded in 2015 and is based out of Las Vegas. We offer a broad range of solutions to businesses of all sizes. We work to provide businesses with an avenue to improve the way their potential customers and clients view them, helping to instill trust in a purchasing decision. All of our employees' work is done in the U.S., so you can be certain that none of your work is being outsourced. Our company is committed to building excellent customer relationships and delivering the highest quality of services.

We provide a complete solution for your online reputation

Here at D&S Services, we tailor our services to your individual situation to ensure that your business will see optimal results in your online presence. Whether you are a new company needing some help establishing positive reviews, or if you are a well-established company who needs help erasing some negative reviews, we can help. In today’s day of technology, your online presence is extremely important and is often the first impression a potential client will get of your company. We are dedicated to ensuring that your company has a positive online reputation so that you can keep your current clients’ confidence in you, and so that you can draw in new clients with your stellar reviews.

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Don’t Let Negative Search Results Make a Bad First Impression

A few bad reviews can dissuade potential clients from choosing your company, or even make your current clients consider switching to another company. Don’t let a bad review ruin your online reputation, instead let us help you bury those negative comments and reviews, promote your company through positive reviews, and protect you from future online attacks. We, here at D&S Services, want to work with you to deliver high-quality results, fast.
Bury negative content

Bury negative content

We make negative content in search results virtually invisible by pushing it out of sight.

Promote what's positive

Promote what's positive

We make the best things about you prominently visible to others in online search results.

Protection from online attacks

Protection from online attacks

Reputation Manager builds a buffer against online attacks to constantly protect your reputation.

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What’s Our Process?

Reputation management isn’t just a generic formula, but rather something that has to be customized for each individual client. Here at D&S Services, we can make variations to our systematic process to fit each client’s specific needs. This ensures that whether you’re fighting negative reviews, or just starting out on establishing a positive reputation, you’re in good hands.
  • Develop an Engagement Strategy Specific to Your Situation

    At D&S Services, we understand that your business’ reputation is extremely important to you, which is why we are so committed to delivering you with high-quality customer service. We will work to prioritize your greatest needs in regards to your company’s reputation, and exceed your expectations with our quality services. Our engagement strategy will depend on your current online presence and reputation, as well as your personal goals for your business’ reputation.

  • Create Positive Content About You

    The next step of our engagement strategy will be to create positive content about your business online. Positive content online can help negate or soften some of the negative effects of bad reviews. We will work to promote the most important aspects of your company and focus on creating content that not only improves your online reputation but also encourages potential clients to research and choose your company.

  • Strategically Publish Online Content

    When trying to build or improve your online reputation, it is important that you strategically publish content. At D&S Services we are very familiar with how to get published content approved and recognized by online sites so that you can ensure your positive content is being seen.

  • Suppress Negative Results

    Suppressing negative results is just as important as it is to create positive content. While positive content can encourage potential customers to give you their business, negative results can dissuade them from choosing you, and poses as a red flag for your current clients. We work to ensure that the negative results are hidden from potential clients, so that your company isn’t affected by the negative results.

  • Expertly Manage the Process for Optimal Results

    Creating a positive online presence is just as much about knowing which steps to take, but also how to execute those steps in an order and manner that reaps the best possible results. After several years of working this process, we know how to execute this process to reach optimal results, and ensure our client’s positive online reputation.

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Why Use D&S Services as Your Online Reputation Management Company?

D&S Services is a well-established reputation management company that is focused on building excellent customer relations and delivering the highest quality services. We are located out of Las Vegas, and all of our employees are based in the United States. Reputation management is our specialty, and we are well versed in how to effectively improve business’ reputations, no matter the size of the company. At D&S Services, your needs are prioritized and effectively managed to ensure optimal results. Let us show you our award-winning customer service, and reveal to you how we can improve your online presence.
The founders of online reputation management
The founders of online reputation management

D&S Services' extensive expertise enables us to successfully handle any online reputation issue.

Proven success for over 10 years
Proven success for over 10 years

More individuals and businesses trust D&S Services to manage their online reputations.

20+ awarded patents
20+ awarded patents

Our advanced technology is the result of over $50 million in research and development.

Recognized client excellence
Recognized client excellence

Our D&S Services production is complemented by an award-winning customer service team.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service, so we will work our hardest to ensure that you receive the highest quality of work, so that you can receive the best possible results for your company’s online reputation.

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We enjoy building a positive relationship with all of our clients, which is why all of our customers’ feedback is important to us. We recognize that our clients trust us to build and improve their company’s online reputation, so when we hear feedback on how our process has successfully affected our clients, we are ecstatic.